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Want to create a free channel of abundance in your life? Start with gratitude & really savoring every moment. Life isn’t measured by material wealth, but by moments of love.

Seasons of Love from the musical RENT

What's It Like To Be Queer, In Love -- And Living In Mississippi?

my home state… thankfully on the coast it’s not that bad but as soon as you get 50 miles north of the coast you begin to enter bigot land, lol… not including some people in Jackson or Hattiesburg

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I used to think I wanted to be an entrepreneur... I was wrong


I have read numerous books written by entrepreneurs on how they became successful. I’ve come to understand that none of them really did it themselves. They have all had ideas and then hired people who are smarter than them to get it started. Then they hired cheap labor to shit out products or…

Upcycled skateboards transformed into guitars!

Upcycled skateboards transformed into guitars!